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Each session includes a high resolution DVD with your fully edited pictures. Each picture will come in first class Color and out of sight Black and White for you to print and share. Sessions start at $230. Collages, Announcements and other specialty products are also available. Email me for more info!


Merry Christmas

I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful season. There is so much fun to be had! I have been having a lot of fun myself! So many pictures to share but not a lot of time to get them on the blog! I will be closing up the Sarah D shop today and be closed through the new year. I have been so busy this month I have barely had time to sleep! So, I will be catching up on all of that for the next week and a half. My family and I are packing up the car and heading to the lake. A week of snowmobiling, snowmen, and snowball fights. It sounds dreamy and I can't wait for the fun to begin!

I hope your holiday is equally as fun! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Auction for Jenny

I am participating in an auction to benefit a wonderful woman who has had it hard for too long. You can learn more about Jenny here. Her lovely daughter wanted to do something great for them so she is holding an online auction to raise money to help pay the mounting medical bills. So here is my small contribution...

Melissa Auction

The auction will be held from December 11th through the 13th. To see all the other things that have been donated check out her website here. I hope you all reach out and help someone in need this holiday season.

Love to all!


This sweet little newborn was an angel. She was so happy and content. She didn't cry a peep. I love when they are so very little the fit in the crook of your arm. They mold to you and sleep or stare. My 10 month old feels like a giant after holding this little thing. I can't believe how quickly they grow. It is magical to get to be a part of this special time.