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I think I'm in love...

I had the priviledge of taking pictures of this sweet little cake below. And she is sweet! Look at those cheeks! Don't you just want to hold all her rolls? I had so much fun taking Ava's pictures. It didn't hurt that she was in such a great mood and had the nicest mom and aunt! It was a beautiful day and we got some great shots! I really had a hard time choosing which ones to post! So, here are a few for you to enjoy...


Miss Marissa

This little girl was a star! It was freezing cold the morning we met to take her pictures and she didn't complain one time! I was completely impressed! Her sweet little personality was so fun to be around. Thanks for being such a trooper on a cold day! You look beautiful!


Baby Dax

Do you remember this little girl? She has changed quite a bit in the last year! I took her pictures about a year ago. You can see them here.

She is one cutie patootie! She also just got a little brother! Isn't that exciting? Well, he is pretty cute too. Take a look for yourself...

Isn't he handsome? I love newborns. Have I told you that before? There is something so magical about capturing their little sweetness when they are only a few days old. A FEW DAYS OLD!!! Can you believe how cool that is to only be on this Earth for a few days? That is so cool. And they are so sweet! Trying to figure out a new way of eating, breathing, and being in a world that doesn't surround them in fluid. Weird. But so cool!

I love their smell. What is it about that new baby scent? I can't get enough of it! My baby is starting to lose it. And he is only a couple of months old! It isn't fair. That is one of the reasons I love taking pictures of other peoples newborns. I get to smell their babies.

And they smell oh, so good. And do you realize how very small they are? I always think I know they are small and then every time I see a new one I am surprised by how SMALL they really are! I mean, they can fit in the littlest places. That is a lot of fun... trying to see where we can place them to show you just how very small they are. Like this basket...

He is just swimming in there! That isn't a big basket either. Wow. I am always surprised. Then when I looked at my 2 month old in comparison to this 1 week old, I couldn't believe how large my guy was. They get big so fast! It is sad. So I sit and gush over these pictures

and remember what it was like to hold my baby and feel like he was a feather in my arms compared to the sack of flour I have now. Oh, the days. They keep getting more and more wonderful.

I remember when I had my second little one. My first little one was still quite little. She was only 16 months old. Little. We were taking pictures of the new little guy and of course we wanted one of the two littles together and that proved to be quite a feet. But we did get one. One. But I still treasure it. Well, we wanted to get one of Dax with his big sister too. I was a little nervous because it is hard to get a 2 year old to pose, but we got some. More than one! How lucky! Here is one to show you how very sweet they both are.

Oh, I love watching families grow. I love being able to capture them as they grow. It is so much fun for me to watch them grow. I have the best job!


Grandma Henderson

Back in December I was asked if I would do a "Grandma shoot" for a client. She planned to give her mother a shoot with her grandchildren for Christmas and I thought it was brilliant! Well, the time finally came for me to head over for the shoot and we had a blast!

These boys are a ball of fun and energy! I wish I could bottle just a small bit of it for myself! How do they do it? It made me happier just being around them.

Here is grandma and her four boys...

These boys just LOVE their grandma. But really, what kid doesn't? I know mine adore both of their grandma's. And their great grandma's too. What is the deal? Why don't they love me like that?

So handsome. I mean, really... look out ladies! When these fella's get together in a few short years they are going to rule the school!

Do you recognize this sweet face? He is a regular of mine and I love him! I love that when I pull out my camera he automatically smiles and poses for me. A true natural!

And how about this face... when I turned the camera on him he turned bashful. So sweet!

Now this guy... this little guy was fun! Talk about a happy kid! Just don't try and hold him down! He doesn't have time to stop and take pictures! He is a busy kid!

And did you know that spiderman occasionally visits the Henderson home? He does and it was an honor to be able to meet him! Check out his web squirting abilities... (or was this his baseball catcher pose?)

This is an honorary grandchild. This is Roxie. She is the toughest cookie of all to snap a photo of! She is fast! But I got her! And isn't she cute???

I just love this picture! Doesn't it just make you smile?

And here they are again.. the whole crew with their grandma. Love this family! Had the best time with them!


Senior Graduation Announcement

This design this has got me on a roll! I am really LOVING it! Here is an announcement that I created for Sunny. I did her senior pictures last August and the time has come to celebrate her graduation! Congratulations, Sunny! Way to go!




My little beauty

It's been awhile since I have posted any pictures of my little girl. She is 3 now and I can't believe it. Sometimes when I look at her I lose my train of thought and am just struck with how amazing she is. I just sit and stare. How lucky am I? I don't know, but I hope I can live to deserve her!


Glendale Middle School Multi-Cultural Event

Wow. This event was so cool.

When a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in photographing some students putting on a multi-cultural show I didn't even hesitate and said "YES! When should I be there?!"

I was really excited. I have done a few "special event" shoots before and this one sounded like so much fun! And it was! Every year a bunch of students from Glendale Middle School get to participate in a show put on for the rest of the students, faculty and their family. They do dances from all around the room complete with costumes and props. I had the best time and I couldn't believe I was being PAID to be there! I wish I would have brought my kids along because they would have loved it!

I wish I could show you all of the pictures from the show, but that's not really an option. Picture OVERLOAD! So here are some to give you a small taste...

They had the most fun setup to decorate the stage.

They also involved some kids from the elementary school next door and they did great!

These guys did an indian dance and it was amazing. I think their costumes were crazy cool!

Oh, to be 14 and dancing with the boys! It was like memory lane!

It was a fun night and the kids did awesome! What a fun tradition for their school to have!