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Each session includes a high resolution DVD with your fully edited pictures. Each picture will come in first class Color and out of sight Black and White for you to print and share. Sessions start at $230. Collages, Announcements and other specialty products are also available. Email me for more info!


I thought it might be fun to share another before and after. I took this at a wedding luncheon. This little girl is to die for cute! She found herself alone at the dessert table and just couldn't help herself. I just couldn't stop her. She finished off the cake and seemed pretty pleased with herself. Her mom wasn't too mad either. Who could be at this face?




Photo Contest

I am going out on a limb and entering one of my pictures into a photo contest. This isn't a small potato contest I'm talking about... this is the big time. Well, the big time for photographers! I am trying to win the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine! Wouldn't that be awesome! I don't know if I'll win, but I really want to try!

So, I need your help! There is a prize for the photo that recieves the most viewer votes, so will you vote for me? I feel completely vulnerable and out on the ledge asking this of you but I just have to go for it! Just click HERE and you will be taken right where you need to go to vote.

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And THANK YOU for being so supportive of me and always making me feel like I can reach the stars!!! I truly love my clients!


Beckham ~ 2 years

Do you love watching this kid grow up as much as I do? Every time we get together to take pictures I worry because I think we can't possibly do any better than the time before and every time I am so happy with how great they turn out. I guess I shouldn't be surprised... this kid is so freakin' cute! His smile is contageous and we had a lot of fun, even in the rain!