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Each session includes a high resolution DVD with your fully edited pictures. Each picture will come in first class Color and out of sight Black and White for you to print and share. Sessions start at $230. Collages, Announcements and other specialty products are also available. Email me for more info!


Sophia ~ Newborn

I am so happy to be sharing another little one with you today.

Sweet Sophia came a bit early and also had a few complications which earned her a stay in the NICU for a bit so her first photo shoot had to be post poned just a bit. having a bit of an older baby can make for a challenging session because they get an opinion very early on and like to voice it! But this angel was a gem! She was so happy the whole time! The only thing she wouldn't do was sleep! She didn't want to miss one minute of her big moment in front of the camera so she was all eyes open!

I have to admit that I wasn't too upset about it because she is just so gorgeous with those beautiful eyes. Plus, in the moments that she was being fed and changed, I got to have some fun with her big sister. And boy did we have fun! She tried on all of my costumes I keep for pictures and she smiled and posed. It was great!

Then at the very end of the session Sophia zonked. Hard. We completely wore her out and she couldn't keep her eyes open for one. more. second. That's when we decided to try the sleepy poses. Loved meeting this family. Loved taking their pictures. And for some reason, completely love their pictures in black and white. Enjoy!