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Grandma Henderson

Back in December I was asked if I would do a "Grandma shoot" for a client. She planned to give her mother a shoot with her grandchildren for Christmas and I thought it was brilliant! Well, the time finally came for me to head over for the shoot and we had a blast!

These boys are a ball of fun and energy! I wish I could bottle just a small bit of it for myself! How do they do it? It made me happier just being around them.

Here is grandma and her four boys...

These boys just LOVE their grandma. But really, what kid doesn't? I know mine adore both of their grandma's. And their great grandma's too. What is the deal? Why don't they love me like that?

So handsome. I mean, really... look out ladies! When these fella's get together in a few short years they are going to rule the school!

Do you recognize this sweet face? He is a regular of mine and I love him! I love that when I pull out my camera he automatically smiles and poses for me. A true natural!

And how about this face... when I turned the camera on him he turned bashful. So sweet!

Now this guy... this little guy was fun! Talk about a happy kid! Just don't try and hold him down! He doesn't have time to stop and take pictures! He is a busy kid!

And did you know that spiderman occasionally visits the Henderson home? He does and it was an honor to be able to meet him! Check out his web squirting abilities... (or was this his baseball catcher pose?)

This is an honorary grandchild. This is Roxie. She is the toughest cookie of all to snap a photo of! She is fast! But I got her! And isn't she cute???

I just love this picture! Doesn't it just make you smile?

And here they are again.. the whole crew with their grandma. Love this family! Had the best time with them!


The Evers Family said...

I am SOOOOOO excited. I love them, love them, love them. can't wait to see the rest. Thanks Sarah!

Micah said...

Sarah this is micah I absolutely love these. Great work you are amazing

Sarah D said...

That means somuch coming from you! Thanks Micah!