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Each session includes a high resolution DVD with your fully edited pictures. Each picture will come in first class Color and out of sight Black and White for you to print and share. Sessions start at $230. Collages, Announcements and other specialty products are also available. Email me for more info!


My little beauty

It's been awhile since I have posted any pictures of my little girl. She is 3 now and I can't believe it. Sometimes when I look at her I lose my train of thought and am just struck with how amazing she is. I just sit and stare. How lucky am I? I don't know, but I hope I can live to deserve her!


The Peterson's said...

Those may be the two most beautiful shots ever. They are just so candid and honest. Just GORGEOUS.

{anyalynn} said...

My favorite shots of Reagan for sure... she is going to be a heart breaker.