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Each session includes a high resolution DVD with your fully edited pictures. Each picture will come in first class Color and out of sight Black and White for you to print and share. Sessions start at $230. Collages, Announcements and other specialty products are also available. Email me for more info!


Henrie Family

Can you believe how behind I am at posting on this poor blog? I really can't believe I've let it get so out of hand! I am so crazy busy taking pictures that sneak peaks are not really an option right now. It's more important to get the edited pictures to my clients than spend my valuable time blogging. But I do want you to see what I have been up to so I will be posting snippets of sessions over the next while. I tallied up how far behind I am and can you guess how many sessions I need to post? 11. Yep, ELEVEN! I'm so far behind. I couldn't be more grateful to be busy, I just must apologize for the quiet on the blog ;).

Do you recognize these sweet faces? You should because I have been lucky enough to take their family pictures over the last few years. I have a special place in my heart for this sweet family, not just because Beau is my cousin, but because they are just great! Do you notice Stephanie's cute belly? You might have missed it but she was about to have twins when we took these pictures. I think she actually delivered only a few weeks after they were taken. I can't believe how great she looks so far along! So now this family has a little boy and girl that are not in these pictures but are represented by the pink and blue balloons... which I love!

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The Peterson's said...

love the picture with the frame. Oh, and the dog. You are amazing.