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Beckham ~ 9 months

I promised a longer, more fun post of our Beckham's 9 month shoot, and now I am delivering! You all have been lucky to watch this guy grow. His mom has been faithful at capturing his first year and I have had so much fun being involved!

Josie had a fun idea for this shoot. We have done the on-location thing a couple of times and she did the black backdrop thing when he was born, so she wanted something a little different. She decided that she wanted some really nice pictures of Beck's everyday experiences. So I packed up my camera and headed to her mom's house for a day in the life of Beck. (well, an hour, but we packed a TON in that hour!) Here is what we did...

Beck's first time playing in the snow


Family in the snow


Beck in the cold, I think he kinda liked it...


Beck eating smashed banana's. I have to tell you that he is the cutest eater I have ever seen! He has a way with that tongue that is absolutely hilarious! I wish I had a video camera for the eating part!


I think he likes to eat too...



Then, after the mess we made with lunch, we took a bath! He LOVES the bath!



We had so much fun capturing Beck's everyday stuff. So much fun, in fact, that I am going to recommend this kind of a shoot for every 9 month shoot I do. It is the way to go! Thanks, Jo, for coming up with such a fun idea!

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{anyalynn} said...

I can't believe how adorable these turned out!!! So cute! I love love love it!