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Gee Family

Sharon and I tried to schedule her family's pictures a couple of times before it actually happened! The weather was completely working against us no matter how much the weatherman told us it was going to be beautiful! Finally, we did manage to get quite a beautiful day so I guess it was worth the wait.

Meet the Gee Family.

Aren't the the cutest family? As they stepped out of the car I knew we were going to have fun, and I was right. They all had smiles on and I was quickly informed that Brooklyn and Libby were fabulous at getting their pictures taken (which was completely true) but that we were going to have some trouble with Gavin (which was only partially true, he was actaully pretty happy). I think the trouble came with holding still, but what 2 year old wants to sit and have their picture taken when there are all kinds of barn animals around to play with? I really can't blame him.

Isn't this family so sweet? They really are! I mean look at these two...

I always wanted a sister. Have I told you that before? It is completely true. One of those wishes that you have absolutely no control over. I love watching sisters interact. I think all sisters have some sort of special bond that us "others" won't ever understand. I find it fascinating. Special. I wish I had that. Luckily I do have a brother. Not quite the same, but pretty cool none the less.

Speaking of boys...

I couldn't help but snap a few of Gavin on his little adventure!

And let's not forget Sharon and Randy. They are the creators of this sweet little family. And I have to say I think they have done a great job!

And that's the whole fam...

It was so fun meeting you and getting to know you. Thanks, Randy, for the restaurant recommendation. Things have been crazy at our house so I haven't had a chance to check it out, but Steve promised me this weekend we can try it. I can't wait! 

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