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I have missed you...

It feels like it has been a decade since I have had communicated with all of you out there in blogland. At least from here at my photo site. I hope you have missed me but that you haven't given up on me. I am still here! Lot's to share. Things around my house have been crazy. Lots of changes, lots of fun!

The time has finally come for me to share some pictures from some shoots that I have had over the last month. I have been having so much fun with such a variety of clients! This first one is a high school senior. Let me tell you a little bit about him...

Meet Jordie.

Jordie just graduated from Alta High School. His senior year was his golden year. He was the quarterback of the football team (until an unfortanate blow during a game that took him out with shoulder problems for a chunk of the season) But don't get the wrong idea, Jordie was patient and healed really fast and was able to finish out the season. He also was the captain of the basketball team. This kid does it all! I am completely impressed.

I have to admit that I may be a little biased as I have known Jordie since he was born (although technically I don't remember that day exactly). Our families have been friends since before either of us were born. That makes us friends for life. It just works like that. In case you didn't know.

Now Jordie is moving on to greener pastures. The pastures of College while he waits to go on a mission. As I was taking Jordie's pictures it was like I hadn't seen him in YEARS! Although truth be told I had just seen him a couple of weeks prior to the session. It was like I hadn't really looked at him because when I put that camera up to my face it was like I was looking at a MAN not my little bud Jordie. It was crazy. I am so happy for him for all that he has accomplished and all that lies ahead!

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